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abnormal a-wave amplitude


Definition: anomaly in the size (height or maximum displacement) of the a-wave as measured in the electroretinogram

abnormal leukocyte morphology

Synonym: abnormal WBC morphology, abnormal leucocyte morphology

Definition: any structural anomaly of nucleated cells of the myeloid or lymphoid lineages, found in blood or other tissue

hydrops fetalis

Synonym: fetal edema, fetal oedema, hydrops foetalis, foetal oedema, foetal edema

Definition: an abnormal accumulation of serous fluid in fetal tissues

abnormal reticulocyte morphology

Synonym: abnormal immature erythrocyte morphology

Definition: any structural anomaly of immature erythrocytes characterized by a meshlike pattern of threads and particles at the former site of the nucleus

abnormal ovary morphology

Synonym: ovarian dysplasia, abnormal ovarian morphology, ovary dysplasia

Definition: any structural anomaly of the female reproductive gland containing the germ cells

decreased circulating sodium level

Synonym: hyponatremia, reduced circulating sodium level, hyponatraemia

Definition: less than the normal concentration in the blood of this metallic element, the most plentiful extracellular ion in the body and the principal determinant of extracellular fluid volume

abnormal primary sex determination

Synonym: abnormal gonad development

Definition: aberrant gonadal development resulting in either abnormal or absent gonads or the development of gonads inconsistent with the chromosomal sex

decreased Ly6C high monocyte number


Definition: decrease in the number of monocytes that express high levels of Ly6C and low MHC class II that represent a subset of circulating inflammatory monocytes that are recruited to infected or inflamed tissues

abnormal lung weight


Definition: anomaly in the average weight of the lung

obsolete prolonged circadian period


Definition: increase in the cycle length expressed when exposed to constant conditions without temporal cues

Showing 11 to 20 of 1811 entries

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