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abnormal mature NK cell morphology

Synonym: abnormal mature natural killer cell morphology, abnormal lymphokine activated killer cell morphology

Definition: any structural anomaly of NK cells expressing the maturation marker CD11b

abnormal brainstem morphology

Synonym: abnormal brain stem morphology, abnormal truncus encephali morphology, brainstem dysplasia

Definition: any structural anomaly of the stalk-like part of the brain that comprises the midbrain (aka mesencephalon), the pons (aka pons Varolii), and the medulla oblongata, and connects the cerebral hemispheres with the cervical spinal cord

abnormal uterus morphology

Synonym: abnormal metra morphology, uterine dysplasia, uterus dysplasia, abnormal uterine morphology

Definition: any structural anomaly of the female muscular organ of gestation in which the developing embryo or fetus is nourished until birth

increased secondary somatosensory cortex size

Synonym: enlarged secondary somatosensory cortex size, enlarged secondary somatosensory cortex

Definition: greater size of the area of the upper bank of the lateral sulcus that is involved in somatic sensation

decreased CD5-positive Ly6C-positive T cell number

Synonym: reduced CD5-positive Ly6C-positive T cell number

Definition: reduction in the number of CD5-positive T cells expressing the memory marker Ly6C

decreased airway resistance


Definition: reduced opposition to flow of air caused by the forces of friction, measured as the ratio of driving pressure to the rate of air flow

abnormal external male genitalia morphology

Synonym: abnormal external masculine genital organs, abnormal organa genitalia masculina externa, abnormal external male organa genitalia, abnormal external male genitals

Definition: any structural anomaly of the external masculine genital organs, including the penis and scrotum

increased femur stiffness


Definition: increase in material stiffness (N/mm) during elastic deformation in the femur

abnormal circulating HDL cholesterol level


Definition: any anomaly in the amount in the blood of the small lipoprotein:cholesterol complex that transports cholesterol out of the arteries and to the liver for reprocessing or excretion

abnormal motor coordination/balance

Synonym: impaired proprioception

Definition: altered ability of an animal to maintain skillful and effective interaction of movements or maintenance of equilibrium

Showing 1 to 10 of 1811 entries

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